U.S. Boards of Pharmacy

During a pharmacy or drug store acquisition the seller will need to meet the guidelines of transferring the customer files and inventory to a new owner. Although there are similar regulations, the Pharmacy seller will find that each State Board of Pharmacy will have their own version of how they want the business transfer handled. It is imperative that the pharmacy owner know the correct regulations for the pharmacy location that is being sold. A pharmacy located in a grocery store may have different requirements than a drug store in a stand a lone building or strip mall. The regulations are not over burdensome, but they must be followed for a successful conclusion of selling the pharmacy / drug store business.

To assist pharmacy business sellers in finding the guidelines for transferring a pharmacy to a pharmacy buyer, below is a list of some of the U.S. Boards of Pharmacy. Pharmacy sellers should contact their local Pharmacy Board during the process of negotiating the transfer of the business to a pharmacy buyer. Don’t wait because there are parameters about giving notice and other factors that must be taken into account before selling a pharmacy.

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AK http://www.commerce.state.ak.us/occ/ppha.htm
AL http://www.albop.com
AR http://www.arkansas.gov/asbp
AZ http://www.azpharmacy.gov
CA http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov
CO http://www.dora.state.co.us/pharmacy
CT http://www.ct.gov/dcp/site/default.asp
DC http://hpla.doh.dc.gov/hpla/cwp/view,A,1195,Q,488414,hplaNav,%7C30661%7C,.asp
DE http://www.dpr.delaware.gov
FL http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/pharmacy/
GA http://www.sos.ga.gov/
HI http://www.hawaii.gov/dcca/areas/pvl/boards/pharmacy
IA http://www.state.ia.us/ibpe
ID http://www.idaho.gov/bop
IL http://www.idfpr.com
IN http://www.in.gov/pla/pharmacy.htm
KS http://www.kansas.gov/pharmacy
KY http://pharmacy.ky.gov
LA http://www.pharmacy.la.gov
MA http://www.mass.gov/reg/boards/ph
MD http://www.dhmh.state.md.us/pharmacyboard/
ME http://www.maine.gov/professionallicensing
MI http://www.michigan.gov/healthlicense
MN http://www.pharmacy.state.mn.us/
MO http://www.pr.mo.gov/pharmacists.asp
MS http://www.mbp.state.ms.us/
MT http://mt.gov/dli/bsd/license/bsd_boards/pha_board/board_page.asp
NC http://www.ncbop.org
ND http://www.nodakpharmacy.com
NE http://www.hhs.state.ne.us
NH http://www.nh.gov/pharmacy
NJ http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/boards.htm
NM http://www.rld.state.nm.us/Pharmacy/
NV http://bop.nv.gov/
NY http://www.op.nysed.gov/
OH http://www.pharmacy.ohio.gov
OK http://www.pharmacy.ok.gov
OR http://www.pharmacy.state.or.us
PA http://www.dos.state.pa.us/pharm
PR http://www.salud.gov.pr/Pages/default.aspx
RI http://www.health.ri.gov/hsr/professions/pharmacy.php
SC http://www.llr.state.sc.us/pol/pharmacy
SD http://www.pharmacy.sd.gov
TN http://health.state.tn.us/Boards/Pharmacy/index.shtml
TX http://www.tsbp.state.tx.us/
UT http://www.dopl.utah.gov/
VA http://www.dhp.virginia.gov/pharmacy
VT http://www.vtprofessionals.org/
WA http://www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/Professions/Pharmacy/default.htm
WI http://www.drl.state.wi.us/
WV http://www.wvbop.com/
WY http://pharmacyboard.state.wy.us/



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