DEA Guidelines When Selling a Pharmacy

When a pharmacy owner, drug store business, or a grocery store / medical center with a pharmacy has decided to sell the pharmacy business to a pharmacy buyer there are DEA guidelines that must be met such as notice of transfer of the business, the inventory, record keeping, and transfer of controlled substances, along with other factors that could impact selling the pharmacy business to a new owner.

Pharmacy owners should be aware of the regulations set forth by the DEA. The DEA provides a downloadable PDF to assist pharmacy owners in their understanding of the regulations. The PDF is a guide that summarizes the basic requirements for dispensing controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), along with the transfer of those substances when the pharmacy is sold.

For convenience, this link is provided to a DEA Pharmacy Guide. However, as everyone knows regulations get changed and updated, so a business owner selling their drug store should contact the DEA location that services their area and make sure they have the latest version.

A list of DEA Office locations is provided below for pharmacy sellers, or prospective drug store owners.

The DEA list is in order of the state, then the city and state where the DEA Office is located that services that state.
Note that not all the states are serviced with a DEA Office in their state, such as the Seattle WA DEA location services Alaska. Contact your DEA office location for the most current rules, regulations, and procedures.

List of DEA locations:

AK Seattle, WA (888) 219-1418
AL Metairie, LA (888) 514-7302
AR Metairie, LA (888) 514-7302
AZ Phoenix, AZ (800) 741-0902
CA-Central and LA Los Angeles, CA (888) 415-9822
CA-North Oakland, CA
CA-Sacramento Sacramento, CA (888) 304-3251
CA-San Diego and Imperial Counties San Diego, CA (800) 284-1152
CO Centennial, CO (800) 326-6900
CT Boston, MA (888) 272-5174
DC WASHINGTON, DC (877) 801-7974
DE Philadelphia, PA (888) 393-8231
FL Weston, FL (800) 667-9752
GA Atlanta, GA (866) 533-6983
HI Los Angeles, CA (702) 759-8202
IA St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
ID Seattle, WA (888) 219-4261
IL-Central and North Chicago, IL 60604 (800) 478-7630
IL-South St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
IN Chicago, IL 60604 (317) 610-3152
KS St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
KY Detroit, MI (800) 230-6844
LA Metairie, LA (888) 514-7302
MA Boston, MA (888) 272-5174
MD Baltimore, MD (877) 330-6670
ME Boston, MA (888) 272-5174
MI Detroit, MI (800) 230-6844
MN Minneapolis, MN (800) 251-1472
MO St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
MS Metairie, LA (888) 514-7302
MT Salt Lake City, UT (801) 524-4389
NC Atlanta, GA (888) 869-9935
ND Minneapolis, MN (612) 344-4136
NE St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
NH Boston, MA (888) 272-5174
NJ Newark, NJ (888) 356-1071
NM El Paso, TX (915) 231-4313
NV Las Vegas, NV (702) 759-8202
NY New York, NY (877) 883-5789
OH Detroit, MI (800) 230-6844
OK Dallas, TX (888) 336-4704
OR Seattle, WA (888) 219-4261
PA Philadelphia, PA (888) 393-8231
PA-West McKees Rocks, PA (412) 777-1870
RI Boston, MA (888) 272-5174
SC Atlanta, GA (888) 869-9935
SD St. Louis, MO (888) 803-1179
TN Atlanta, GA (888) 219-7898
Tx-East and South Houston, TX (800) 743-0595
TX-North Dallas, TX (888) 336-4704
TX-West El Paso, TX (915) 231-4310
UT Salt Lake City, UT (801) 524-4389
VA Washington, DC (877) 801-7974
VT Boston, MA (617) 557-2200
WA Seattle, WA (888) 219-1418
WI West Milwaukee, WI (414) 336-7370
WV Baltimore, MD (877) 330-6670
WY Salt Lake City, UT (801) 524-4389
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Caribbeans San Juan, PR (787) 277-4953

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