Pharmacy Buyer Advantages
When working with

As a national company that handles the valuation, negotiation, and the transfer of pharmacy ownership provides pharmacy acquisition searches and the presentation of pharmacies for sale without any cost or obligation to qualified buyers.

The process starts with targeted acquisition searches based on a qualified buyer’s parameters. This allows us to provide the buyer with real prospects that meet the purchase price, script count, financial considerations, and other desired criteria.

Along with finding the right locations for you, we also provide services and consulting for financing the purchase of a drug store. Whether you are an individual purchasing one location or a small pharmacy chain expanding your market, we have a wide range of financing sources.

Pharmacy Buyer Advantages When Working With

Experience – It is unlikely that an individual, or a local business broker that does not specialize in pharmacy, will have the expertise to complete your transaction as satisfactorily, diligently, and profitably as a company with our experience.

Targeted Acquisitions – We do not just List a business for sale and then wait to sell it to whomever. We work with qualified buyers matching their parameters with sellers that have contracted with us.

Valuations – Acquisition values are based on hard data including current financial statements, tax returns, and many other factors.

Volume – Our expertise comes from years of experience and many successful transactions.

Maintaining sales and customer service – For current store owners, you do not have to take time away from the day to day functions of your business to accomplish the many aspects, which are required by law, to complete the transaction for your new store.

Finance – Community drug stores and regional pharmacies have finance options available ranging from our Small Chain Funding Program with $100 million per transaction available for small and regional chains, to SBA loans, conventional bank loans, venture capital, mezzanine finance, equity investments, and private finance options for the independent pharmacy buyer.

Save on attorney fees – Because we review the legal documents, clients spend fewer dollars on attorney fees compared to those who consider doing a transaction themselves.

Turn Key Transactions – Throughout the transaction, we will be there every step of the way to ensure you benefit from the best possible transaction.

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