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A qualified buyer wants to purchase a small Georgia (GA) drug store. If you own a small pharmacy in the state of GA, and have had thoughts about selling your business, please Contact Us as soon as possible.

This buyer will only be buying one pharmacy. This is a great opportunity for a small GA pharmacy owner, but you will need to respond quickly.

When selling a pharmacy, to maximize the purchase price, drug store owners should work with We have a long track record of working exclusively in the pharmacy industry. Whether it is a closed door shop, retail location, hospital pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, or a drug store  located within a grocery store, Georgia pharmacy business owners can obtain a free pharmacy business valuation by clicking here.

When you work with us, you will not be required to sign a long Listing Agreement with a business broker who sells all types of businesses, but may have never sold a pharmacy. You will get to work with a pharmacy industry expert.

All information is kept confidential. We will only provide the buyer an Executive Summary when you state you are ready to have the information presented.

If the calculated value, or for any other reason, is not where you want it to be then no information will be shared with this buyer, or any other source. We have been conducting business in the pharmacy industry for 14 years and we understand the confidentiality the owners of pharmacies desire.

As a pharmacy business owner you have probably been contacted by the major drug store chains, or business brokers, regarding selling your pharmacy. The buyer, looking for a small GA drug store, is not a major chain planning on moving your store down the street to their location. There are also many small drug stores don’t meet the parameters of the large drug store chains, so this limits the selling opportunities for pharmacies with small business owners who are seeking to retire, or need an exit strategy.

When you are ready to move forward with an acquisition we will provide you a list of information that assists the buyer with their due diligence. This is common in the acquisition of all businesses. The pharmacy buyer will decide if the store, location, etc., meets their requirements, and then a meeting will be scheduled for a buyer visit.

Again this buyer will only be buying one pharmacy in Georgia, so please discuss this opportunity with your family so we can take quick steps in this acquisition.

Referral/Finders Fees

If you are not a pharmacy owner, but instead work in a pharmacy, or know a pharmacy owner we do pay finders fees when we close a deal that is referred to us. If you want to earn some money don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about our referral/finders fees.

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